Greg Lewis an Unusual Perspective For A Patriot Fan, I Think


Published: March 29, 2009


... I've read a few Patriot fans writing on fan boards how if Greg Lewis has a great year with Brady that'll put the lie to how McNabb never had receivers.  (Well, no great sane wide receivers.:))

OK, let's analyse that statement.  I know nothing of the Eagles but I only know Greg Lewis's name because he is a Patriot now.  Did he ever have a Moss clone taking up a safety?

His not impressive stats

Oh, Eagle fans, Lewis won't be a third receiver, he'll be a second.  Moss is number one. Welker in the slot is number three.  Minor point, but it bugs me for some reason.

Still, that is a job without much pressure.  He has to replace Jabbar Gaffney or Donte Stallworth.  Although Gaffney and Stallworth were good it isn't like Lewis is replacing Moss.

If he ha...

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