Green Bay Packers’ 2009 Draft-Day Trade Possibilities


Published: March 26, 2009


... is history and try to guess what Ted Thompson is thinking. 

The Packers have a rising young offense with a potential holes at the OT spot and TE depth required. The Defense changed styles, but clearly need size and depth on the DL, someone to bring pressure on the QB and a possible replacement for the CB spot. 

Only four true needs and a couple of wants.

Their draft assets pre-Apr. 25 are:

Pick No. 9  -- 1350 pts

Pick No. 41 – 500 pts

Pick No. 73  -- 225 pts

Pick No. 83 – 175 pts

Pick No. 108 --  78 pts

As you can see the four picks in the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds do not have a great significance “points” wise, but are often use to try to balance the “points” system that is kind of us...

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