Great Moments In Press Conference History: Mike Singletary


Published: April 6, 2009


... press conference history, as the title indicates. We all have an affinity for these types of moments, about which I’ve already posted.
It’s always entertaining to see coaches, players, owners, and other members of sports teams lose control of their emotions in front of dozens of reporters and, inevitably, millions of people on national TV. After all, there is a ton of pressure on people in their positions, and it’s only understandable to see such explosions of emotion when they are overwhelmingly upset about something.
Sportscenter loves this type of stuff, and so does YouTube, so I figured it would be a perfect topic for a post series on this blog. Lets start with a recent rant by Mike Singletary, San Francisco 49ers head coach. I picked this one to start because it is fresh in our minds, and is an instant classic at the same time. It’s also ...

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