Grab Your Torches and Pitchforks! Detroit Lions Sign Stafford to $78 Mil Deal


Published: April 25, 2009


... I know, Matthew Stafford could be the next great quarterback in the NFL. Hell, at this point, after witnessing the past failures of Joey Harrington, and now an NFL record of 0-16, the Lions would be happy if their top pick just turns out to be “very good.”

But in conversations I’ve had with Detroit fans in the past few months, not one in the group believed the Lions would make a quarterback their first overall pick. Some even called me foolish for the name appearing first on my mock draft.

Well, before the NFL commish even walks to the podium to make the official announcement, Detroit has already signed Stafford to a six-year $78 million deal, making him the first overall pick in the 2009 draft.

And judging by some of the profanity laced comments I received with my suggestion of the former Bulldog going first, I now envision an an...

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