Goodbye Plax: What Burress’ Release Means for the New York Giants


Published: April 3, 2009


... of their lives.

The Giants, having had enough of the drama that shrouded their team in the recent weeks, released troubled wideout Plaxico Burress a few short hours ago in a move that signals the end of one era and, potentially, the beginning of the next.

What will become of Burress is not necessarily the question—chances are he will get jail time after his court hearing was adjourned on March 31 as lawyers fought over the terms of a potential plea deal. The question now turns to the Giants and what they will now do to fill the hole left by Burress's release.

Let's look at each of the Giants' options:



Originally, the Giants were in talks for Cardinals wideout Anquan Boldin or Browns receiver Braylon Edwards. Both receivers are two of the best in the league, and they would instantly become a force in the Giants' offense.

However, as if the price wasn't high enough fo...

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