Good Luck John Madden


Published: April 17, 2009


... class="MsoNormal" >Know when to walk away and know when to run.

You never count your money when you're sittin at the table.

Therell be time enough for countin when the dealins done."

The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

The lyrics of the timeless cowboy anthem seem fitting for a sendoff piece to the one and only John Madden.

We all know enough about John's accomplishments that I wont recount them, but rather regale you with a tale of how John affected my own life. (As T.O. says, “get ya tissues ready”)

I’m 25 years old and started playing football 10 years ago. Madden, the coach, spokesman, Superbowl winning coach, Emmy winner, etc, was never even in my wheelhouse; There was a generation gap that 99.9% of the time I would have never had a clue who John Madden was.

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