Go West, Brett Favre

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Published: May 3, 2009


... his underwear (which frankly isn’t nearly as often as the family would like). Just in the last few months, my son has gone from Yogi Bear to Scooby-Doo to SpongeBob to Charlie Brown.
The downside of this fickleness is that he is constantly asking for new toys, video games, and movies to match his new interests. The upside is that my wife and I never get too tired of any one character or show, and often he moves on faster than I want him too—hey, that SpongeBob is funny stuff.

Unfortunately, the new obsessions—Pokemon and Super Mario Bros.—are not nearly as entertaining as Mr. Square Pants. And to make matters worse, he’s not just into Super Mario Bros. the video game, but the early-'90s TV show, which of course is available on DVD. (Hey, not much isn’t.) 

Anyway, the other day he was watching an episode of Super Mario Bros., and I was flabb...

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