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Published: April 3, 2009


... that Matt Stafford will not be the first selection in the upcoming NFL draft. Recently, head coach Jim Schwartz stated on NFL Network that they need to draft the most talented player, when talent is equal you draft for need.

As fans we need to get used to the fact that Daunte Culpepper will be our starter this year and maybe next year. Even if the Lions draft a quarterback this year he will not see the field for most of the season barring injury.

Culpepper has many things working in his favor going into the season. He is in the best shape that I have seen him in in years, he is reunited with a coordinator that he has had previous success with and has one of the best receivers in the game as a target.

Last season he was thrown in in the middle of the season which may have largely contributed to his poor play. The offensive play book was completely new to him and also lacked any imagination. Another set back was he never had the chance to...

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