George Foster Will Be Starting For the Detroit Lions


Published: April 14, 2009


... as a starter. Now the fans either scoffed at these statements as delusional or ignored them as the rants of your typically ambitious, hopelessly optimistic professional athlete. 

I mean given the facts on the ground:

The Lions have two pedestrian yet former first round draft-picks at tackle.

The Lions may use the first pick in the draft on a left tackle

Foster was never able to keep his offsides penalties to a minimum as a starter

He was beaten out at tackle by a guard that had lost his own starting spot in the same system.

He was below average in space when he was left on an island in the Mike Martz offense.

And the fact that he lost his spot again last year to a rookie that clearly outperformed him as a starter by being...pedestrian (which is decent considering he's a rookie).

Now given all of this, why would anyone take Foster seriously as a possible starter?

Then I remember something Martin Mayhew said about kic...

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