FW: Tom Brady Get Chain E-Mail

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Published: April 7, 2009

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... learned that Tom Brady got a chain letter."

"Via regular mail or e-mail, John?"

"E-mail. In fact, it came as fan mail on the Patriots.com site. Players usually do not respond to fan mail, but Brady figured, 'What the heck? Just this once."

"Were you able to get the text of the chain letter, John?"

"According to my unnamed source, Trey, the text is as follows:

'You have been chosen to get this letter because you need a good rehab. You have ten minutes after reading this to forward it to five players rehabbing an injury.

Brett Favre, early in his career, got this e-mail and forwarded it. His streak of starts is legendary.

Peyton Manning was not injured, except psychologically, and upon forwarding this, Bob Sanders stayed healthy.

Rex Grossman forwarded it and lead the Bears to the Super Bowl. That he lost is not our fault. There is only so much we can do. Af...

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