Four Reasons the Cleveland Browns Should Keep Braylon Edwards


Published: March 31, 2009


... keep him.  However, to buy into this post at all, I'm assuming that you'll agree Braylon is one of the top 32 wide receivers in the league.

If you don't agree with that,  please remember that in 2007 he finished 21st in receptions, second in touchdown receptions, seventh in yards, and seventh in yards per catch.

I'm not going to deny that last year was a down year, but that may have a lot to do with a load of offensive line injuries, and four games combined played by third and fourth string QBs.  

Also, even great receivers (shown in reason number 4), have bad seasons. Simply put, Braylon's numbers in 2007 weren't all his fault.

Here are the four reasons.

1) It's his contract year

If I told you that you could not only increase your salary by about 30 percent per year, but also get three years of your current salary as a signing bonus, how hard would you work throughout the year to m...

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