Forgotten Fan Looking for a New Team


Published: April 20, 2009


... why do we even waste our money and time on this group of dudes that have the nerves to call themselves a pro football team.

Last season was the worst of them all, after going 0-16 anyone has the right to dispute that they could have done a better job as a general manager, coach, player, or whatever you want to say regarding any position in the Lions organization. That's right the suckiest person in your fantasy football league has the right to say they could have done better and they would be right, because you can't do any worse than 0-16, unless you count the preseason.

After the 0-16 season we said that's it, we would be better off doing something else with our time and money, but when the news of the new season began to buzz we realized we didn't mean it, we (my buddy and I) still left the door open just a little bit. After watching the news and seeing the Lions unleash their logo (which really isn't much of an upgrade in my opinion) and hearing one of the decision ...

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