Forget Matthew Stafford!


Published: March 26, 2009


... the sexiest pick, it is rarely a poor choice. It is essential for a team's running game. Everyone knows it is important to protect the QB as well. The question is, how important?

After crunching some statistics from last season I attempted to answer this question.  While the information listed below may not necessarily allow us to fully understand the intricacies of pass protection we can draw some conclusions from it.

First off...out of 32 NFL teams eight teams allowed more than 40 sacks upon their acting field general, they include Detroit, Cincinnati, San Fransisco, Pittsburgh, New England, Minnesota and Jacksonville. 

So if you are a fan of one of these teams and are hoping they pick a QB in the draft, you may want them to patch up that line first. In fact, the average passer rating of these eight teams is a meager 78.3 percent.

For an example of what a 78 percent QB performance looks like, Kyle Orton had a 79.6 percent last year...

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