For The Dogs: Michael Vick’s Bailout Plan Rejected


Published: April 4, 2009


... in the NFL will take the chance.  What I don't understand is why he thinks that it's plausible to play for 10 more years in the NFL.

Michael Vick spent about three hours in court on April 4 outlining his plan of action to escape from the jaws of bankruptcy.  That plan included working for a construction company.

Vick's bankruptcy plan included many head scratchers, including keeping two very large and expensive homes, and three cars.  My favorite report from this debacle was when it was reported that he would be a salesman for a home remodeling company.

Like you would let him into your home—with tools.

It's now stated by Vick that he would work a $10 an hour construction job while he awaits reinstatement by Roger Goodell.

Since this is a sports blog, I should probably write about something related to sports.

If my team were to pick up Vick, I wouldn't know what to do.

Now, Green Bay has their quarterback...

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