For NFL, Sports Fans, It’s Okay to Say “We”


Published: April 10, 2009


... or not it's okay for fans to say "we" when referring to their team.

"We really need let L.T. go, he's on his last legs," as opposed to "the Chargers have to get rid of L.T. because he sucks now and I am sick of watching him suck."

Can fans really say "We?"

They're not on the team. They don't score touchdowns. They don't block anybody. The only thing they're kicking is a can down the street. 

Plus, who is so bold to qualify his or her comments as the voice of the team's collective fan nation?

We're obviously drafting Reggie Bush. Mario Williams is a workout wonder.

We are going to unleash Vernon Gholston on Tom Brady!

We're gonna finish last in the NFC West like we always do.

If you told me a year ago we'd trade Cassel and Vrabel for a second-round pick I would've thought Cassel was the the throw-in.

"We" bothers a lot of people. It's too pretentious, and they don't like being told what their opinions are. Especial...

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