“Fill In The Blank”

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Published: March 10, 2009


... probably the best quarterback on the market and made a good move in picking up a good defensive player all in one.

With one or two more players to add on the offensive and defensive lines the Chiefs should be in good shape.

There's 45 days until the draft and alot can happen between then as we have seen. Things are starting to look up for the Chiefs, but there still is one thing that is making me wonder. What are the Chiefs going to do about the running game?

The Chiefs have been making some noise around the league and have alot of teams wondering what are they going to do with Larry Johnson.

Please, Scott Pioli what are we going to do with him? All seems quiet on the Johnson front. Even Larry has not made a sound since saying he wants to leave.

I am sure there are some teams that are on the Johnson radar that is waiting like us. So I guess we have to grab a ticket and wait in line like the rest, but will somebody fill in the blank soon. Inquiring mi...

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