Fantasy Breakdown Day Two: The Philadelphia Eagles


Published: July 7, 2009

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... North and plays the Lions twice, he should be taken a round early. These are a few of fantasy football's "unwritten rules". The most important, and frustratingly confusing, of these rules is the following: Rookies don't make good fantasy players. . . most of the time. If you stay away from rookies and just draft given talent, you will most likely finish in the upper level standings---you just won't win. I shall place this in caps so the message can reach through the forest of words and reach even those readers who are taken easily by sparks. ROOKIES. WIN. CHAMPIONSHIPS. That is the unspoken secret of fantasy football. They are unproven commodities. They are high risk and often return very little reward. But the greatest ventures in capitalist history came from huge risks, and the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. The reward of a good rookie is that it turns a great team into a juggernaut. That rookie gives you extra commodities that you can trade away to furthe...

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