Extremely Premature NFL Win/Loss Predictions

for NFLSportChannel.com

Published: April 15, 2009


... opponents winning percentage can be deceiving and you never do know how good some teams shall be.

Didn't stop me from counting down the minutes till the NFL schedule was released, I'm an addict what can I say!? There is no such thing as a boring team or a boring game to me. I want the season to start right now, unfortunately I have to wait but I don't need to wait to play things out in my head.

Unfortunately I worked last night so I couldn't write this then but I was able to look at every team's schedule on my phone during my psychology and business classes and was able to go down the line and pick every single game on the schedule.

The NFL draft certainly will change things as well as potential injuries down the road among other things. But I press forward with these picks, picks that will likely change in September and be laughed at in January.

Here's a few notes before the list-

  • In the AFC East I am predicting a pretty big drop-off for all ...

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