Extended Schedule Proposition Shows NFL’s Hypocrisy

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Published: March 25, 2009


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The thought behind the extension is that the extra games would bring more advertising money, and obviously more revenue for the teams in ticket sales, jersey sales, and other miscellaneous items bought by fans during a day at the stadium.

The extra games would also probably mean an international game for nearly all 32 teams, whether that be in Canada, Mexico, or across the pond to the U.K. to broaden the NFL’s fan base.

This new extended schedule would also eliminate one or two preseason games based on how many games were added.

But wait a minute—I thought the main focus was player safety?

How is it that the main focus could be on player safety, while at the same time asking the players to play between four and eight more quarters of this dangerous sport?

The answer? Hypocrisy—pure and simple.

I’m on board, as I think everyone is, for making the game safer for the players, as lon...

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