Expanding The NFL Schedule

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Published: March 26, 2009


... meetings. Among many issues being discussed is a proposition to expand the NFL season by two games, while likely doing away with two preseason games. It is believed that this idea will satisfy the fans, the owners, and the players, as technically the same amount of games will be played throughout the season.

From a fans point of view, season ticket holders are forced to buy tickets to all games, from preseason, to regular season, to playoffs. If this proposal goes through, then these season ticket holders would only be purchasing tickets to two meaningless games rather than four. From your average fan's mindset I would say this idea looks pretty good.

The owner's would actually benefit quite a bit from this proposal. Preseason games, typically do not sell out, where as regular season games (at least where I'm from) always sell out. Not only would the owners benefit from increased ticket sales, but concession sales, and merchandising would also inc...

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