Evaluating the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2008 and Assessing 2009: Offensive Line

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Published: March 30, 2009


... belief is that the Eagles were a great pass-protecting unit and insufficient run blockers.

The Eagles gave up just 23 sacks in 2008 so they did their job protecting the quarterback.  On the other hand, they were inconsistent converting short-yardage and goal-line situations, so they can’t run block.

Truth is somewhere in the middle. 

It is true, that for a team passing as often as the Eagles do, giving up just 23 sacks is an impressive number, but that's not the only way to judge an offensive line.

The low sack number was as much, if not more, a byproduct of Donovan McNabb’s renewed ability to escape pressure. 

There were games this season where he was kept clean, most notably in games against the New York Giants, but protection broke down far too often.

In the playoffs, McNabb was sacked five times.  The Giants, Vikings and Cardinals defenses were successful getting rushers free consistently.  On th...

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