ESPN Top Ten Catchphrases of All Time


Published: April 4, 2009


... depending on your age, you may not remember early ESPN, showing Aussie Rules Football, D-II sporting events, and bass fishing.  

Slowly but surely, ESPN picked up viewers. . .Sunday night football recaps became a staple,  even to the point that the "real" networks started to copy the fledgling ESPN.

But, one of the key parts of the irreverent ESPN, before Keith Olbermann was a political fireplug and the "Patrick" everyone knew wasn't Danica, there was the catchphrase.

Before they became a cliched part of all highlight shows, they were a catchy, pithy remark which blended into the flow of the highlights. Something that added another layer to the replays.  

This list is based on several factors: the humor in the phrase, the timing, and the overall impact of the phrase.  Many anchors have used them, many have failed, but some have succeeded.  This article is dedicated to those purveyors of their craft who have d...

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