Ending the Quarterback Crapshoot: A Formula for Success!

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Published: April 18, 2009


... practices against the Patriots' defense in real games, against a  lesser defense, it gets easier for him. 

Most highly drafted quarterbacks end up on bad teams practicing against bad defenses. Their success in practice does not translate into success on Sunday. They lose confidence in the system, the coach, and themselves.

Joey Harrington is a prime example.

Joe Flacco, Ben Rothelsberger, Tom Brady, Philip River, Eli Manning , and Tony Romo, all are quarterbacks who developed by practicing against good defenses.

Now practicing against a good defense does not guarantee success Vince Young of the Titans comes to mind.

Yet  many journeyman quarterbacks elevate their game just enough by practicing against a good defense to win Super Bowls, examples include Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, and Jeff Hoestetler.

Truly exceptional quarterbacks can develop without the benefit of practicing against  a good def...

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