Either Trade Jay Cutler or Fire Josh McDaniels: It’s Time To End This Soap Opera

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Published: March 15, 2009


... Cutler is." So your new head coach entertained some trade conversations, big deal. It's not like Cutler was so valuable to the franchise that he couldn't be traded.

It was Cutler's bad to have held himself in such high esteem.

I dismissed the story after that point, figuring that at some point in time, cooler heads would prevail and the Broncos would go about the business of building their team back into the AFC contender they once were.

No such luck. Here we are, less than 60-days from the NFL draft, and we are still hearing about Jay Cutler and his hurt feelings. Seriously?

At some point, if you are a Broncos fan, you have to be wondering how much of this is hurt feelings and how much of it is Jay wanting out of Denver now that Coach Shanahan is no longer calling the shots.

Think about it. He's putting his house up for sale (although sources say he had plans to do that anyway), his parents are moving out of their house located nearby, Jay is mi...

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