Donte Whitner Is a Role Model


Published: April 19, 2009


... displayed in the media.  He made a mistake and is facing the repercussions.

This article does not condone Donte Whitner's actions on the night he was arrested for resisting arrest and aggravated disorderly conduct but rather details why this was a mistake in judgment by an otherwise venerable professional athlete.

Donte Whitner was not arrested for a hit and run, gun possession, drug possession, vehicular manslaughter, or even drunk driving.  Yet he is still grouped with the players in the NFL who are arrested for these more serious violations.

The favorite new statistic by news media outlets is an arrest count for the NFL.  Some prominent NFL websites such as even has a count that measures how many days the NFL has gone without an arrest.

As a result of this hyped arrest count, players in the NFL who are arrested for minor albeit meaningful reasons are unfairly placed on the same pedestal as the more serious offenders...

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