Donovan McNabb Has Lowest Interception Rate On My Big List


Published: March 28, 2009


... know there is more to QB play than that, but I want to limit the factors.  If you want to discuss yards, or touch downs you can click that link in the upper right that says “write.” 

Same goes if you find a place that breaks out interceptions that bounce off the receiver's hand into a safety or if a QB is desperately  trying to engineer a 7 billion point comeback.  I've seen splits for quarters but not for last drive of the half. 

I'm not saying those don't exist.  If you have them, use the write function

Since I want to remove charges of bias, I'll use only regular season numbers.  Post season, based on my memory, Bart Starr was so much better than everyone else it was not funny.  Oh, that article was old and Roethlesberger had under 500 attempts, or whatever,  Maybe a Steeler fan should look into that.

I'm only doing random QBs and a few historical guys.  Oh, rules change every yea...

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