Does the Gridiron Have Any International Future?


Published: April 18, 2009


... hope of ever gaining international respect?

Nearly $1 billion was spent and lost on NFL Europe with no real progress seen in NFL's hopes of being respected internationally.

With the modern world speeding up and even cricket inventing a faster version in 20/20, can a stop and start sport like gridiron gain new fans? In the modern world people seem to want action and not adverts.

I doubt the US fans would be happy to see the Super Bowl played abroad or LA citizens if the next NFL franchise went to a foreign land instead of to them. Any trick NFL uses to try to grow gridiron will come with a backlash from own fan base.

So has gridiron any chance of taking on football, rugby union, basketball, or being repected by the international community?

Personally, I think gridiron has had it's chance in NFL Europe and they blew it. Fans in Europe found gridiron boring and unspectacular. Stadiums remained empty and TV audiences turn off in droves.

As ...

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