Doc Walker Doesn’t Believe in “Tough Questions”


Published: March 26, 2009


... enough to hear this exchange between Kevin Sheehan and Doc Walker.

KS: You don’t want to miss it. Doc Walker’s got one hour with Vinny Cerrato, and is going to ask the tough questions…

DW: That’s one thing I always wonder. What is a tough question? How can a question be tough? I’ll tell you what’s tough. Playing is tough. Sitting on your *ss asking a question, there’s nothing tough about it.

That’s right, Doc. Steer quite clear from any questions that could be considered as “tough,” meaning, questions should not deviate from this morning’s fax from V. Cerrato.

I mean, Redskins fans don’t want to know anything of substance about the team, right? T

hey don’t want to know why the team can’t draft, or plans for Jason Campbell’s contract, nothing like that. And even if they did, that’s not a tough question. It’s ju...

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