Do the New York Jets REALLY Want Jay Cutler?


Published: March 16, 2009


... number of teams might be interested in trading for him, including the New York Jets, who play in the AFC East, which might be the NFLs toughest division in 2009.

While it is true that the Jets need a QB with quality play and experience, is Jay Cutler the right guy for the job?

Consider that many Denver fans already think the Broncos should give up on him. He's got the arm, obviously, but maybe not the heart. Further he doesn't seem to be compatible with new coach Josh McDaniels.

So the question is twofold: is Cutler right for the Jets, and are the Jets right for Cutler?

The main complaint I've read from Denver writers and fans is that while he's good for an offense, the fact that Denver's defense was deficient last year created situations where Cutler had to come from behind.

Yet, considering the game last year in Denver vs. the Dolphins, it was Denver who was ahead at half time and it was Chad "noodle arm" Pennington who brought his team from ...

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