Do the Cleveland Browns Faithful Have Much to Look Forward to?


Published: April 13, 2009


... to look forward to? The answer thus far in the Mangini era is, no!

No we don't, and here is why. Now from a US Army Sergeant First Class from Northwest PA, my opinion may not mean a whole lot. Also as a die hard Penn State Fan, I do not buy into the fact that all players form Ohio or OSU are future Hall of Famers.

Now OSU has a great program; this I am not here to debate. But as for our beloved Brownies, this is completely unbiased.

Lets start with our off season. We trade K2. A player that has always produced when on the field. Now did I and most Browns fans hate some of his antics? Yes, yes we did.

But, can anyone say that he did not give 100 percent every game he played. Well I am betting no one would take that bet. We got a second round this year and a fifth next year.

The Bucs got a Pro Bowl TE. With the Bucs picking up K2 and now Pittsburgh back up Leftwich, and all of their other moves, the Bucs are showing the NFL and its fans that ...

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