Do Da Dirty Bird: I Hope It’s Not Too Late for Us, Matt Ryan


Published: September 27, 2009

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... half the praises I should have been. I mean, who throws them the ball?

It's sad that I've kept it inside for so long. Now is the time to profess my love for Matt Ryan.

Yes, the season is quite young, and more importantly, Ryan's career is quite young. A lot was made about his performances in the five losses last year—he threw more than 30 times in those games and only those games and had three TD to four interceptions—but it is an undeniable fact that the Falcons have had success through the air with him at the quarterback position, and he is at least half of the reason why.

Several things about him stand out and point to him not crapping out, though. Most importantly, the dude's cool; we call him "Ice." He's calm in the pocket, despite not having great scrambling ability, and absolutely does not get frazzled by a sack or a pick.

In the brief time that I've been part of the credentialed media and thereby privileged to listen to the y...

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