Diagnosis: Jay Cutler Fever (or, I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends)

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Published: April 2, 2009


... (The #1 spot is reserved for Amy Grant. "Baby, Baby" is still my jam.)

For the last few days, the fans of various NFL teams have been wondering what's to come after the domestic disturbance at Mile High.

I have been a Bears fan long enough to know that getting my hopes up about anyone lining up under center for Chicago is a waste of energy, yet here I am analyzing possible trade scenarios (If we trade x and y for Cutler and Z, then..) and basically losing at life.

I'm sick folks.

Call it "Cutler Fever".

This time however, rather than let this roll around in my head too long, I decided to consult my friends and colleagues about what they think. Who knows, maybe I'm missing the big picture or something.

I went first to my good bud Spaider, who holds the distinction of being the only person I know in real life who is an honest-to-goodness Browns fan.

A Cleveland Browns fan...I'll let that sit in for a moment...

Anyway, he left...

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