Detroit Lions: Where Do We Go from Here?


Published: March 19, 2009


... do we go from here?"

The Lions have addressed some of their needs via free agency and trades. I like the moves the Lions have made so far, but the where do they go now? There are still back ups available through free agency, but the Lions still have a number of holes which need to be filled before the start of the season.

The Lions NEED to get three to four starters out of the draft.

Where do the Lions go from here? They need to go to the film room and spend as much time as they can looking at game film. I'm a firm believer that time spent watching game tape should outweigh work out results.

It's possible to have a great work-out and not be a great player, while it is possible to be a great player and not have great work-outs. It is far more important for the Lions to draft play-makers over work-out gurus.

The Lions need to spend as much time as they need to determine who the best player for the Detroit Lions is in the draft.

Many experts ...

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