Detroit Lions QB: Are We Fogetting Drew Stanton?


Published: March 20, 2009


... He was the "Franchise Future." But, after arthroscopic knee surgery that ended his 2007 campaign before it started, almost everyone forgot about him.

In 2008, Stanton was the third-string quarterback for the Detroit Lions. He only played in three games, as Jon Kitna, Dan Orlovsky, or free agent acquisition Daunte Culpepper got the starts and reserve time.

Kitna and Orlovsky are now gone and Stanton has his opportunity staring him in the face. I would personally give Stanton the nod over the assumed first quarterback taken in the draft, Matthew Stafford.

Let's compare some stats:

Player A: Average CMP%—64.9, passer rating—136.5, longest TD—75 yards, total INT—28, total TD—44, sacked 48 times in career.

Player B: Average CMP%—56.6, passer rating—130.4, longest TD—84 yards, total INT—33, total TD—51, sacked 44 times in career.

As you can tell in almo...

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