Detroit Lions’ New Uniforms Just the Start of the Change Fans Need to See


Published: April 20, 2009


... were too minimal to set the league on its ear as one of those uniforms any buff should have.

A team that has left the greatest goose egg in pro sports history can only do so much to switch the impression that they have within Detroit and throughout the NFL.  

Yet the changes, which were really just a beefed up logo and different numbering, are a start. However, the finish is really the issue.

Chants of "Don't Draft Stafford" and "Curry" at the unveiling may send the message who the fans want to first hold the new jersey come Saturday.

Having Calvin Johnson, Kevin Smith, Dominic Raiola, Ernie Simms, and Jason Hanson model the new uniforms does say a few things. 

The first thing is that these guys are staying, but not having Daunte Culpepper there may mean he is not the QB yet and someone else will model the new uniform come Saturday. 

However, no real direction is known where the Lions will go come when Roger Goodell ...

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