Detroit Lions’ Draft: Waiting Is the Hardest Part


Published: April 12, 2009


... answers.

Will it be Matt Stafford? Aaron Curry? Jason Smith?

How will the rest of the draft shake out? Will Mayhew and Schwartz lean more toward defense or offense? 

There have been many articles written since the end of the 2008 season as well as thousands of comments attached to those articles. Many believe the 2009 NFL draft, as well as the 2009 season, are going to be the most critical in Lions history.

After the mess Matt Millen created when hired in 2001 that culminated to the historic 0-16 2008 season, there has been quite a shake-up from almost the top down to the players.

I say from almost the top since William Clay Ford, Sr. is still in the picture. If there is anyone that can define mediocrity, it's WCF. How can this person take a championship team of the 1950's and NOT EVER WIN AGAIN?

But that's an article for another time. And one that I'm not even sure needs to be written since anyone who is a Lions fan knows how pai...

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