Detroit Lions Draft Day Plan


Published: April 18, 2009


... perfect season in reverse need first? This is not a problem that one off season, one draft, or one big time player is going to be able to fix. The premise here is the Detroit Lions need a plan, and it will be up to GM Martin Mayhew to craft that plan and then use new Head Coach Jim Schwartz to implement it.


Saying a NFL team needs a plan is like saying I need air to live, but in the case of the Lions who have not had a plan since the hiring of former GM Matt Millen the Lions have not had a plan and that is why their roster is a motley crew collection of supposed NFL caliber talent.


Since the Lions have the first overall pick in the draft we will not very soon what their plan is. Do they go the route of former first round pick QB Joey Harrington and take Georgia QB Matt Stafford? Or do they take a note from the Bill Parcells book at draft a impact Offensive lineman or ...

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