Detroit Lions’ Debate: Jay Cutler vs. Matthew Stafford


Published: April 1, 2009


... organization had no success in contacting him for 10 days. Cutler has stood firm on his trade request.

One of the many teams lining up for Cutler’s services will be the Detroit Lions, who have contacted the Broncos several times about Cutler’s availability.

The real question is:  Is Jay Cutler worth the asking price? Before, the asking price seemed to be Matt Cassell, who was available and later traded for a high second round pick. Now that every team knows Cutler is available, a bidding war will ensue.

With teams like the Jets and Redskins possibly being involved with trade talks, it seems highly unlikely the Lions will outbid these teams. New York and Washington may feel Cutler is their missing piece to a Super Bowl run, after spending millions on other players this offseason. 

The Jets signed linebacker Bart Scott to a $48 million deal and the Redskins have...

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