Detroit Lions’ 2009 Draft Day Blueprint


Published: April 8, 2009


... says enough.  A team does not go winless in today’s NFL without having major flaws on both sides of the ball as well as on the sidelines and the front office. 

Needless to say, the Lions are approaching the 2009 NFL Draft on a mission: to completely overhaul and revamp their team and image.  And to not be completely awful. 

Image is easy enough; they have a new logo and new uniforms that will be revealed soon.

Revamping the team is another story completely, but they took a big step toward that when Matt Millen resigned as GM in the middle of the 2008 season.  He was the architect of 0-16 and should have resigned two years sooner. 

But at least new GM Martin Mayhew is guaranteed to do a better job than Millen—there have never been a smaller pair of shoes to fill than Millen’s.  And new Head Coach Jim Schwartz has the energy and football awareness t...

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