Derek Anderson Can’t Blame Braylon Edwards


Published: April 18, 2009


... rampant.

I guess it makes sense to trade Edwards since it was his fault that Derek Anderson lost his job. It also makes sense to trade Quinn, since DA will perform much better now that Edwards is gone.

Does anybody believe that?

Neither do I.

The reality is that yes, Braylon Edwards didn't help any of the quarterbacks in key spots last year.

However, to blame DA's struggles solely on Edwards is crazy.

Let's take a look at it.

In week one against Dallas, there was a point in which he had thrown nine straight incompletions. Are all nine of them Edwards fault?

Week two against Pittsburgh was even worse. DA trying to run a two-minute drill at the end of the half was comical. Whose fault was the interception?

Week three at Balitmore was just awful.

Then he had a decent game, and a great game, for two wins.

The next few weeks were marked with inconsistency. Yes, Edwards did drop some balls in key...

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