Denver or Chicago: Which Side Do You Take?


Published: April 3, 2009


... bit different.

Jay Cutler, either way you look at it, is an excellent quarterback. Proof of it shows as he has put up sensational stats in the past few seasons, visited Hawaii, and well compared himself to John Elway. As you can see, Jay Cutler isn't your average quarterback. He in fact may be one of the best in the league.

Jay Cutler threw for 4,500 yards last season. That's a hefty number only seen eight times since 2000. Jay Cutler was the youngest to achieve that mark at the age of 25.

So in March, rumors swirled early that Josh McDaniels wanted to trade their star quarterback for Matt Cassel in a three-way-trade.

When the trade hit the toilet, Jay Cutler ends up feeling bad for himself. He is the star of a Broncos team, lead by a new guy who already wants to get rid of him for his guy. Either way you look at it, that is not the way to start a new job.

You don't go to your brand new job, shine up your desk, and tell the guy who has been in ...

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