Denver Could Learn a Valuable Lesson from the 1994 Broncos


Published: May 2, 2009


... class="MsoNormal">After 15 years under the control of the “Mastermind,” Mike Shanahan, Denver’s favorite sports team now marches to the tune of a vastly different drummer. A Patriot’s tune, to be exact.

Josh McDaniels has changed nearly everything about Broncos’ football that Shanahan so carefully installed over the years.

Shanny’s teams relied on a strong running game, a quick defense that was tough against the run and a tenacious, game-changing quarterback that could keep a defense honest when everything around him seemed to be falling apart.

While that system experienced its fair share of both success and failure, it was still a system that the Denver fan base had become very accustomed to. Perhaps that’s the biggest reason why Josh McDaniels’ changes have fans all over the Rocky Mountains calling for the new drummer’s head.

By trading...

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