Denver Broncos three way trade Cutler with Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions?


Published: March 19, 2009


... and write an article myself.

It's obvious that Cutler isn't going to be happy in Denver. Shanahan is gone, McDaniels and him have beef, and they have a whole new offensive coaching staff. What's the solution to the problem?

In a trade that involves three teams, it's a little easier for each team to get what they want. But what do the teams wants?

With Cutler leaving, Denver will want a quarterback. Another big pressing need is defensive tackle and linebacker.

The Browns have huge needs. As of now their most urgent needs are outside linebacker, an experienced starting-caliber corner, and a running back. Receiver may be a big need also, with Stallworth on the "Fritz." Mankok also wants draft picks.

The Lions need a quarterback!!! They also need help at the O-line, D-line, and linebacker positions.

How can all these needs combine with the teams players and drafts to make the perfect trade??? No perfect trade but here is what could be close. N...

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