Denver Broncos Can Wait Until Later Rounds To Get Defensive Linemen


Published: April 22, 2009


... at 27th in the league against the rush puts the onerous squarely on the shoulders of the defensive line and the defensive coaching staff.

Amongst the blogosphere and various sports news outlets, one will find mostly the postulations and suppositions that for the Denver Broncos to have even the slightest chance of an improved defense this year, they will need to draft defensive line early and often. A good D-Line shuts down the run.

The consensus among observers is that early picks on "the best players available" and NOT solid defensive line run stoppers is risky and reckless.

Maybe so.

But perhaps a consideration of the best D-Lines around the league is in order. Are they all stocked with former first round draft picks from end to end? Hardly.

In fact, a look at the very best run stopping defense in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings, can teach us quite a bit about our draft need assumptions when it comes to the Denver Broncos.

The Minn...

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