Denver Broncos Acquire Quarterback with Winning Record


Published: April 3, 2009


... in the playoffs for Rex Grossman. Did Orton demand a trade? Nope. 

2-1 in 2006. A 10-4 Quarterback was dropped to third string. Did Orton demand a trade? Nope.

Didn't play behind Rex Grossman in 2007. Did Orton demand a trade ? Nope. 

9-7 in 2008.

Orton's wide receivers were never special. No one from those Purdue years is tearing up the NFL. 

Chicago's wide receivers were never special either. 

Shipped away for Jay Cutler. Cutler has had pro bowl seasons. Cutler hasn't had a winning record since high school. 

Jay Cutler's wide receivers in were Brandon Marshall, who has 206 receptions in two seasons as a starter and stands in at an impressive 6'4" and 230lbs. He had a TE in Tony Sheffler who had amassed over 100 receptions in two years. He had Eddie Royal and Brandon Stokely. 

He had a running game. 

He had an offensive coach. 

Now Kyle Orton has all that. 

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