Defending Eagles Coach Andy Reid: An Open Letter to Philadelphia


Published: March 28, 2009


... of his stoic ways and very political press conferences.

But think about press conferences mean anything to us fans? Do we really need to hear why Reid thinks the Eagles lost, or what he thinks about the opposing defense?

Would we agree with him anyway? If you’re being truthful as an Eagles fan, you know you wouldn’t.

I believe I have pinpointed the origin of this situation, and maybe identifying it will help us address it.

Reid really gets under the skin of the mainstream Philly media because he doesn’t give them the juicy headlines or reactions worthy of a Coors Light commercial.

So Philly fans log onto or tune into 610 WIP and listen to the media bash Reid. But those people are only bashing him because they don’t like him. Or, more specifically,  the way he operates with them.

We Philadelphians let people like Anthony Gargano and Angelo Cataldi whip us into a frenzy to the poin...

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