Dear Canton: Put These Guys in Already!


Published: March 21, 2009


... being snubbed for two years. We all know unless the committee is completely brain dead Carter will be in next year and Shannon Sharpe's wait time will not surpass three more years.

I am talking about players who have waited for a while now, and STILL, don't have a bust, I'm going to point out some travesties, downright idiocy and point out current Hall of Famers that I would replace in favor of the men out.


Roger Craig

For the only RB in the history of the NFL to lead the league in receptions, you'd think he'd be in after a decade of eligibility.

Now add in what we all know Canton loves most, Super Bowl rings, the voters have a fetish with them, even if the notion completely disregards the TEAM aspect which is the NFL, and Craig has three, not one or two, but THREE.

His career stats say everything about THE versatile back, yes, before Faulk. If I had to choose to take one Hall of Famer out and put Craig in, it would be...

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