Dallas Cowboys Offseason Thus Far

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Published: March 15, 2009


... controversial decisions that leave us as Cowboy fans wondering what he's doing. So in this article I'm going to break down our offseason thus far.

The release of Terrell Owens took me by surprise, I didn't think Jerry had the stones to do so. The fact is, Owens was tearing the locker room apart; he has the talent but can't keep his mouth shut. The biggest winner of this move is Tony Romo; now he won't have to worry about getting T.O. the ball to keep him happy. Roy Williams stock has also gone way up. I'll give Jerry a thumbs up for this.

The release of Roy Williams (the safety) was a move we had to get done. I was sick of seeing him out on the field; he can't hit anymore, nor can he cover a tight end. He missed the majority of the 2008 season with an arm injury, accumulating six tackles in two games. This move freed up about $2 million of salary cap space in 2009. I'll give Jerry another thumbs up.

The Roy Williams release triggered the mov...

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