Dallas Cowboys’ Offensive Mindset for the Draft

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Published: April 19, 2009


... />I do not see Miles Austin as being a top-notch receiver. I feel that he is much more a contributor that selectively finds his places to shine. He, by himself, won't highlight this offense.

To totally rely upon both Jason Witten and Roy Williams, I just don't see the Cowboys being able to get them open enough just to dominate. They are good receivers, but I just don't see enough dynamics to yield a top shelf offense. Teams will double up on them, but in the box so as to be also able to defense the Dallas run....as teams did last season with TO and Witten there.

Dallas has a very productive quarterback, so Tony Romo's throwing will dominate much of each and every game. He will be given slightly over half of the plays within which to succeed. Just slightly below half, will be in the hands of the three running backs for the Cowboys.

This will fall back upon just how strong the assembled offensive line is. The line still should be coming into full func...

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