Dallas Cowboys Draft Should Focus On WR

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Published: April 21, 2009


... up to par with the rest of the league. There are many ways to look at what has just been presented, and with varying degrees of success as well.

The initial premise that this offense lacks a “killer” element without an upgrade of Terrance Austin is well taken. Patrick Crayton is a good No. 3 receiver, but I don’t think he will ever climb above that status. He may well be best as a No. 3 for a few years more, as he was two seasons ago. I feel that his top peak as a receiver has already been reached. A good quarterback can make him pretty efficient, but that is all.

As to Austin, there is a real reason that he did not shine beyond a contributory element in the Dallas passing offense. I think that this goes into his upper limits as well. He’s a good contributory element, but he just won’t allow Roy Williams to stand out by lining up opposite of him unless he can draw a full scaled zone that benefits Roy Williams.


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